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Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts

August 19, 2010

 “Giving someone the benefit of the doubt” and “not looking a gift horse in the mouth” sprang to mind when I heard of Tony Blair’s proposed gift to the British Legion. But 13 years of New Labour have made me suspicious of such gestures and I found it difficult to imagine the relentlessly acquisitive Cherie giving her blessing. Sure enough, an examination of the small print showed that his own government’s ‘Gift Aid’ rules would allow this ‘honest sort of guy’ to trouser some £2 million. My son fought in the Second Iraq War and two of his best friends and brother officers in the Paras were killed in what was the most stupid military adventure in our history. Like the building of a Muslim shrine on the site of 9/11, whatever the motives it is plainly open to misinterpretation and for Forces families like mine it simply opens old wounds.


The Blair Largess

August 19, 2010

Most politicians, even Churchill and Thatcher, retain a self-knowledge about their ruthlessness ambition but there were no limits to Tony Blair’s moral conceit. He had a shining faith in his own virtue and a belief that his actions were not merely convenient, serviceable, and skilful politics, but also the will of God. Yet he flinched from every hard choice such reforming health and education, curbing immigration, or breaking the tragic and insanely costly dependency culture. Too late we realized his government only created an illusion of progress and his reputation plummeted as the cost of his mad-cap military adventures became clear. This is why he is giving the profits from his memoirs to the British Legion and why the families of our dead and maimed soldiers are responding with such cold cynicism.

Taxes are for “little people”

August 9, 2010

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, leader of the Danish Social Democrats, was ahead in the polls and on course to win Denmark’s forthcoming general election.

Sadly she is married to Stephen Kinnock a member of the World Economic Forum in Geneva and son of the notorious family of EU gravy-boat sailors.

Recently she called for Denmark’s crippling tax rates to be raised even higher to cope with the recession but it now it appears her husband has been on the tax fiddle.

He induced her to confirm he spent less that 33 week-ends per annum in their home in Copenhagen allowing him to save £40,000 by paying his taxes in Switzerland.

This has caused an up-roar since Danes are clearly unaware Labour Party grandees and their families ignore laws set up for the “little people”.

Happy anniversary, Chilcot

July 31, 2010

Even before Iraq, forces families held Tony Blair in contempt for his weakness in the face of US pressure and his use of our sons to posture on the world stage.

Across the years we have disdainfully watched the post-mortem charade starting with the Hutton whitewash, then the Butler non-inquiry, and now the Chilcot farce.

In each case, the evidence was plain for all to see of a prime minister ordering his advisers, diplomats, and security chiefs to provide a Manichean narrative.

Of course, inadvertently, Chilcot managed to show the Establishment at its most loathsome having done nothing at the time but being terribly wise after the event.

The inescapable conclusion is that New Labour’s mad-cap military adventures all but destroyed the otherwise laudable goal of internationalist humanitarian intervention.

A chilling insight

July 31, 2010

Like the images of Vietnam once seen nightly on US television the Wikileaks portray Afghanistan as a bloodthirsty killing field, devoid of rational justification.

Only people of such catatonic arrogance and stupidity as New Labour and America’s military-politicos would have tried to build a western democracy in this medieval land.

Anyone with the slightest knowledge of history knew that a western war of occupation would fail because the Taliban is a concept and not a military force.

By recording our folly and failure in such detail, the logs mock the moral basis of the ‘just war’ thesis and Tony Blair’s pretentious ‘moral’ foreign policy.

Not since the Somme have Western generals blundered so blindly in the dark nor have our politicians been so willing to sacrifice our troops to save face.

You could not make them up!

July 20, 2010

As expected, Peter Mandelson’s high-camp memoirs present the unedifying crew of flakes, clowns, bastards, and outright nutters that were New Labour.

This dysfunctional clique of moral bankrupts and intellectual pygmies took the UK into an illegal war, dismantled border controls, and encouraged unprecedented immigration.

They debased educational standards, dismantled financial regulation, pumped up consumer debt, ruined our private pensions and wrecked the national balance sheet.

The Blair-Brown “psychodrama” may be over but the squabbling dwarfs involved in the sub-plot of endless feuds and failed coups remain for all to see.

Things can only get better

July 16, 2010

Peter Mandelson’s tart memoirs have confirmed long-held suspicions that New Labour was a bunch of moral bankrupts and intellectual pygmies.

This dysfunctional clique took the UK into an illegal war, botched devolution, dismantled border controls, and encouraged unprecedented immigration.

They debased educational standards, dismantled financial regulation, pumped up consumer debt, ruined our private pensions, and wrecked the national balance sheet.

The promise of 1997 was corroded by the grievances of Gordon Brown who preached high principles but was actually a “ruthless practitioner of the lowest skullduggery”.

The Blair-Brown “psychodrama” is over but the sub-plot of endless feuds and failed coups among the squabbling dwarfs who remain is there for all to see.

The Mandelson Diaries

July 12, 2010
Mandelson’s malicious memoirs present poor Gordon Brown as ‘seriously unhinged’ using his pit-bulls Whelan and Balls to create a private insurgency in Downing Street
In a finale reminiscent of Hitler deploying imaginary armies in 1945, Brown drew up plans for a post-election Cabinet containing Nick Clegg and Vince Cable.
He ignored warnings from Tony Blair, Paddy Ashdown and David Owen that his efforts to cling to power were ‘a constitutional outrage’ leading Mandelson to write: “I was fearful that if the denouement was delayed much longer, Gordon would have to leave Downing Street after dark.”
To a national sigh of relief, Nick Clegg finally put an end to this embarrassing episode by telling Brown to his face that he had to go as the price of any coalition deal.

You could not make it up!

July 11, 2010

I had quite forgotten about John Prescott until I saw him entering the House of Lords though I noted he remains as scowling and resentful as ever.

I thought once again how astonishing it is that such an arrogant and incompetent man could have been Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain for so many years?

He was, of course, the Judas sheep who led the British left into New Labour’s pen and the price he demanded for this treachery was position and office and stately homes.

Initially he had insisted on being given the largest-ever multi-department brief but he made a complete horlicks of it and was put out to grass.

The Lords was the final pay-off so he will remain for life the Queen’s trusty and well-beloved counsellor possessed of all the rights, privileges, and expense accounts.

My Lord Two-Jags

July 10, 2010

My Lord Prescott, the two-fisted ship’s steward from Hull, has followed the path of so many other professional socialists and now sits clothed in ermine in that other place.

It is the pay-off for his years as the working class smokescreen behind which Tony Blair and Gordon Brown fought like ferrets in a sack and sold out the Labour Party.

Throughout his time in Parliament he was a media treasure and who could always be relied upon to quicken the slowest news day.

His love of stately residences enthralled the nation as did his colourful private life filled with interesting relationships.

He is now the senior UK Representative in the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe so that his remarkable command of English and expense accounts will live on.