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Another one’s escaped!

September 18, 2010

Terry Jones preaches to a congregation of 50 people in Gainesville, the Florida town named after General Gains, infamous ethnic cleanser of the Second Seminole War. Jones also wrote an execrable book, “Islam is the Devil” of such stunning mediocrity that even the most radical local Muslims dismissed it with derision rather than anger. Now this ridiculous, attention-seeking cleric is planning to burn a couple of hundred copies of the Koran to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the 9/11. It is totally contrary to Christ’s teaching, is the sort of behaviour which gives religion a bad name, and would be prosecuted in Britain as an “incitement to violence”. The manic American attachment to free speech renders this clown untouchable but in Afghanistan, General Petraeus fears retribution will be taken on his soldiers.


What a shambles!

September 17, 2010

Obama and the US media placed the entire blame for the oil spill on BP but I doubt that poor American drilling procedures and slack Federal regulation can be ignored. The Gulf of Mexico tragedy arose from a series of mechanical failures, human mis-judgments, engineering design faults, operational errors and poor teamwork. The initial explosion was triggered by methane gas escaping from the well, shooting up the drill column, and bursting all the seals and barriers before igniting. The Texas firm Cameron International’s blowout preventer which failed to seal the well pipe at the sea bottom has finally been recovered and will be examined by NASA. Halliburton was part of a similar disaster last year in the Timor Sea and it is surely unacceptable that eight separate safety systems broke down on the Transocean rig.

New Orleans

September 15, 2010

When New Orleans was founded by the French in 1717-18, it was about ten feet above sea level. At that time, there was much marshland along the Mississippi River, and between New Orleans and the sea, to prevent massive flooding. Over the years, human development has destroyed much of the marshland, and most of the recent city development, driven by speculation and gross city and state corruption, is well below sea level. The fact is that the despoliation of the Gulf coast has been going on for decades. Long before George Bush, the politicians and people of Louisiana embraced rampant, corrupt, poorly regulated Big Oil without any hyperventilation about delicate marshlands. An elaborate system of earthen “levees” had been constructed by the US army engineers to keep the sea out. It was understood that these levees would afford protection against a “Category 3” hurricane, but not against a Category 5 hurricane (Katrina). But Category 5 hurricanes happen almost every year so it was just a matter of time until one hit New Orleans and the city was flooded. The city and state in one of its rare periods of honest government (during the Carter administration) had requested funds to build stronger levees. Carter at first agreed but under extreme pressure from environmentalists who campaigned against “concreting over the delta”, he changed his mind and refused the funding. So if you are going to apportion blame start with local government corruption, the Green Loonies, and President Jimmy Carter.

Texan Investigation

September 14, 2010

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has issued a subpoena for documents Professor Michael Mann submitted for to the University of Virginia to secure government-funded grants. The state’s Fraud against Taxpayers Act gives him the right to these documents because they are on state e-mail servers and because the grant was taxpayers’ money. The Attorney General also wants all e-mail between Mann and his research assistants, secretaries and 39 other scientists across the country. Deputy Attorney General Wesley Russell argued the case before Judge Paul Peatross saying there was a “clear and consistent pattern of manipulation of data.” The University of Virginia is fighting a fierce rear-guard action since these e-mails may include those deleted by the CRU after they were outed by a whistle-blower last year.

Self-serving clown

September 13, 2010

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the driving force behind the controversial idea of putting up a high profile mosque and Islamic centre near Ground Zero, claims to be a Moderate. However his blog shows a predictable Muslim tendency to preach politics and to disseminate anti-American propaganda. Funding for the project is clearly coming from regimes that back terrorists and the motives behind this insensitive fiasco grow murkier by the day. So far the American Islamic community has handled the fall-out from 9/11 with considerable finesse but this self-serving clown is confirming our darker suspicions.

When push comes to shove

September 13, 2010

For all the talk of windmills and other devices, the U.S. Energy Department now agrees with China that the core of electric power generation far into the future will be coal. More than half of U.S. electricity comes from the black stuff and this will continue because it is plentiful, cheap, reliable and secure. Since 2008, 16 coal-fired plants have opened, 16 more are under construction, and the efficiency of such plants is set to double in the next 10 years. The goal of “clean coal” remains elusive but legislation to place serious limits on carbon emissions through schemes such as “cap and trade” looks increasingly unlikely. Scotland should note that the US, with its public as unwilling as ours to pay hugely increased power bills, has little choice but to fall back on the old faithful – coal.

Battle Lines on 9/11 site

September 9, 2010

Polls indicate that two-thirds of America is appalled by the idea of a Muslim holy site being erected at the spot where Islamists killed 2,752 people that day in 2001. Obama’s intervention was predictably catastrophic since branding all opponents as un-American is hardly going to help the cause of goodwill and common sense. The victims of 9/11 were not all Christians – some 60 Muslims died that day – but there is no denying that the attacks were carried out in the name of Islam. Given that fact, the insistence of Feisal Abdul Rauf on proceeding with the project despite the furore raises doubts about the true motives of this publicity seeking Imam. With the President’s unhelpful contribution, the battle lines are now firmly drawn between Redneck and Terrorist, Fundamentalist Christian and Radical Muslim, Palin and Obama.

The Clinton Wedding Bash

August 19, 2010

The American fascination with power and criminal activity, which made the Godfather such a national hit, can been seen in the hoopla over the Clinton wedding. The groom, Goldman Sachs escapee and hedge-fund hustler Marc Mezvinsky is the son of “Fast Eddie”, recently released from a five year federal stretch for fraud. Chelsea also worked at a hedge fund, has a mother famous for her banking shenanigans and a father whose radical deregulation cleared the way for the financial plunderers. Of course the Kennedy dynasty was founded by two of the worst Boston hoodlums ever – Patrick Kennedy and Honey-Fitz (Fitzgerald) – which is saying a very great deal indeed! The next generation produced the Prohibition racketeer Joe Kennedy and then the three disreputable Kennedy brothers – so the Clintons have some way to go.

Pristine Beaches Return

August 19, 2010

In June, with critics comparing the Gulf to Hurricane Katrina, Obama announced the “British Petroleum” oil spill the “worst environmental disaster the US has ever faced”. America’s grubby politicians, green-lobby tub-thumpers, compensation claimants and their mega-bucks lawyers went completely ballistic every night on prime-time TV. However with more than 4,000 oil wells in the Gulf, the ecosystem is used to seepage; the light oil dissipated quickly in its warm waters; and powerful currents from the enormous Mississippi Delta swept much of it away from the shore. Today the pristine beaches are back to normal but Obama’s poisonous remarks have wiped £45 billion off the value of BP, damaged millions of US and UK pensions, and wrecked the tourist trade.

Good non-shrimping times

August 19, 2010

Before the Gulf oil spill, the shrimping business in Bayou La Batre (home town of Forrest Gump’s shrimp-loving friend Bubba Blue) was in sharp decline. Then the xenophobic ranting of Obama forced BP to throw billions of dollars at the outstretched hands of every chancer below the Mason Dixon line. Three hundred “fishing” licences were issued in two weeks (even though no fishing was taking place) to people who wanted a hand-out from BP. Among the greatest beneficiaries are the local drug dealers because a rock of crack cocaine, selling for $20 before the oil spill, now costs $40. Local police captain Darryl Wilson said, “The town has almost doubled in size with riff-raff from all over the South and the crime rate is going off the scale.”