Review of the IPCC

 The United Nations Climate Committee has been under intense scrutiny since its 2007 report was found to be full of errors and exaggerations based on propaganda from environmental lobby groups, magazine articles and student dissertations. Now a review of IPCC practices has been conducted by a committee of representatives from the world’s leading scientific bodies for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Professor Robert Watson, the former chairman of the IPCC, told the review committee that the way the UN body handled mistakes was “totally and utterly atrocious”. Mike Hulme, Professor of Climate Change at East Anglia also admitted in a keynote lecture to the Royal Geographical Society Annual conference that, “The IPCC has obscured and constricted all scientific and economic debate about the uncertainty inherent in climate change.” The review also ordered the disclosure of the outside financial interests of senior officials. Many in the “warmist” camp have long been suspected of profiting from the IPCC reports. The demand that Western governments spend billions in controversial efforts to prevent climate change presented an obvious opportunity for racketeering. New controls will also be introduced to ensure that claims made in future reports are actually based on science and not propaganda from Green lobby groups. It finally recommends that the IPCC be overseen by a new, more balanced, executive committee from outside the organisation including scientists with a wider range of opinions.


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