Battle Lines on 9/11 site

Polls indicate that two-thirds of America is appalled by the idea of a Muslim holy site being erected at the spot where Islamists killed 2,752 people that day in 2001. Obama’s intervention was predictably catastrophic since branding all opponents as un-American is hardly going to help the cause of goodwill and common sense. The victims of 9/11 were not all Christians – some 60 Muslims died that day – but there is no denying that the attacks were carried out in the name of Islam. Given that fact, the insistence of Feisal Abdul Rauf on proceeding with the project despite the furore raises doubts about the true motives of this publicity seeking Imam. With the President’s unhelpful contribution, the battle lines are now firmly drawn between Redneck and Terrorist, Fundamentalist Christian and Radical Muslim, Palin and Obama.


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