Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts

 “Giving someone the benefit of the doubt” and “not looking a gift horse in the mouth” sprang to mind when I heard of Tony Blair’s proposed gift to the British Legion. But 13 years of New Labour have made me suspicious of such gestures and I found it difficult to imagine the relentlessly acquisitive Cherie giving her blessing. Sure enough, an examination of the small print showed that his own government’s ‘Gift Aid’ rules would allow this ‘honest sort of guy’ to trouser some £2 million. My son fought in the Second Iraq War and two of his best friends and brother officers in the Paras were killed in what was the most stupid military adventure in our history. Like the building of a Muslim shrine on the site of 9/11, whatever the motives it is plainly open to misinterpretation and for Forces families like mine it simply opens old wounds.


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