Obama Gump Triumphant

Before the Gulf oil spill, the shrimping business in Bayou La Batre (home town of Forrest Gump’s shrimp-loving friend Bubba Blue) was in sharp decline.

Then the xenophobic ranting of Obama forced BP to throw billions of dollars at the outstretched hands of every chancer below the Mason Dixon line.

Three hundred “fishing” licences were issued in two weeks (even though no fishing was taking place) to people who wanted a hand-out from BP.

Among the greatest beneficiaries are the local drug dealers because a rock of crack cocaine, selling for $20 before the oil spill, now costs $40.

Local police captain Darryl Wilson said, “The town has almost doubled in size with riff-raff from all over the South and the crime rate is going off the scale.”


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