The Mandelson Diaries

Mandelson’s malicious memoirs present poor Gordon Brown as ‘seriously unhinged’ using his pit-bulls Whelan and Balls to create a private insurgency in Downing Street
In a finale reminiscent of Hitler deploying imaginary armies in 1945, Brown drew up plans for a post-election Cabinet containing Nick Clegg and Vince Cable.
He ignored warnings from Tony Blair, Paddy Ashdown and David Owen that his efforts to cling to power were ‘a constitutional outrage’ leading Mandelson to write: “I was fearful that if the denouement was delayed much longer, Gordon would have to leave Downing Street after dark.”
To a national sigh of relief, Nick Clegg finally put an end to this embarrassing episode by telling Brown to his face that he had to go as the price of any coalition deal.

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