Our gloomy day

When I was growing up in the West Central coalfields in the late 1940s, the post-war years of rationing and shortages were brightened by a general feeling of optimism.

 However, by the time I left for university in 1960, the hope that things were getting better had been replaced by a pessimism which has remained to the present day.

 It started with population explosion, mass famine, advancing deserts, returning ice ages, thinning ozone layers, nuclear winters, acid rain, and the oil running out.

 Across the decades, doomsters such as Greenpeace and Prince Charles have added global warming, floods, pestilence, GM crops, plagues of frogs, and the oil running out.

 Yet I have greatly enjoyed the last half century, seen improvements almost everywhere, and I suspect my children will do the same in spite, of course, of the oil running out.


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