Sinking Obama plays the blame game

By stressing the word ‘British’, Obama, whose own role in the oil spill will also be subject to critical scrutiny, chose to present the disaster as foreign inflicted.

Ludicrously he compared the spill to the 9/11 attacks as an assault on the American homeland by external enemies – an analogy which caused derision even in the US.

BP has not been “British” since its merger with the US oil giant Amoco (Rockefeller’s old Standard Oil), and the firms actually responsible for the tragedy are all American.

Transocean owned and manned the drilling rig. It was Halliburton’s wellhead cement which failed – as did Cameron International’s blowout preventer.

Ultimately this infantile “blame the foreigners” game will not fly and it will be American jobs, investment, and pensions which are trashed if Obama forces BP under.


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