Lockerbie Cover-Up Continues

The Saville report into Bloody Sunday was published the very day news arrived that the Lockerbie papers are to remain secret at the behest of the Crown Office. The damning report by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission concluded there were six grounds where it believed that ‘a miscarriage of justice had occurred’. The conviction of Megrahi hinged on the allegation that he bought the clothes later wrapped round the explosive on 7 December 1988 in Tony Gauci’s shop in Malta. We know that the Review Commission formed the view that there was ‘no reasonable basis’ for the court’s judgement that the purchase took place on 7 December. As that was the only date when Megrahi was in the area, it follows that they could not have been sold to Megrahi and that the case against him collapses. Since there is no prospect of the report being published, doubts remain about the safety of Scottish Law and the families of those who died are left without closure.


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