He was a most peculiar man

His election defeat hit Gordon Brown hard because he had spent his whole time in power creating a client class of supplicant voters as part of a grand plan for permanent office. He added almost 1 million new public service workers and over 1 million immigrants were handed British passports, 80% of whom were expected to vote Labour. In addition, grotesque distortions in parliamentary boundaries meant that a 30% Labour vote produced 300 seats, whereas the same Tory percentage gave only 200 seats. Even those unprincipled and unelected charlatans, Mandelson and Campbell, had been resurrected from the pit of ignominy to orchestrate a campaign of historic deceit. Could it have been that after 13 years of unparalleled chicanery producing wars abroad and disaster at home, the electorate was finally sick of his moralising drivel?


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