Toxic Right Wing Loonies

The tiny Right-wing extremist party UKIP deprived the Conservatives of at least ten seats by fielding candidates in constituencies the Tories would have won. Nationally, the UKIP picked up just 3% of the vote but in a string of seats their support was enough to stop Tory candidates winning. In the most glaring example, it helped oust David Heathcoat-Amory in Wells, Somerset by picking up 1,711 votes as the Tory MP lost to the Liberal Democrats by 800. The UKIP also helped to prop up a number of dire Labour ministers such as Ed Balls, John Denham, Phil Woolas and Ian Austin in seats they would have lost to the Tories. It was a disaster for the centre right in Britain that this trivial, one-issue party, prevented David Cameron obtaining an over-all majority.


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