A Passing Moment for Reforms

A recession is the ideal moment to call for long-delayed reforms but soft generations like ours have little appetite for realism and sacrifice. Our iconic NHS has become a Stalinist command system full of rigidities, inefficiencies, overpaid doctors, dire hospitals and overcrowded clinics. A Continental system like the French would provide a far superior service but we would have to act like adults and chip in through an insurance system. Our homes are likewise steeped in mythology but if we treat them as businesses, we should have them taxed like a business with a portion of the profits creamed off. The OECD endlessly confirms that the British independent schools are the best in the Western world but the gap between state and private is deplorable. Everyone knows selection is essential but until all we buy is made in China- with its 14 centuries old competitive examination system – no one is going to admit it.


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