Science to fundamentalist religion to fascist creed

I have always had a soft spot for James Lovelock dating back to the days when he was predicting a glacier a mile deep fronting the M4. I also thought his re-casting of kindly old Mother Nature as an angry, vengeful earth goddess Gaia had a lot going for it: “Mummy is very, very angry and you are all for it.” However, his comment that humans are too stupid to prevent climate change is a tad arrogant. When any cause is fronted by international racketeers such as Gore and Pauchauri people are going to be just a little suspicious. My own feeling is that we should remain optimistic that human ingenuity is up to the challenge if such exists. There are many reasons to shift away from fossil fuels and we will do so in this century without legislation, carbon conservation programmes, or the micromanaging of our lifestyles by the state. His comment that possibly the only solution is to temporarily suspend democracy is absolutely counter productive. It confirms many people’s suspicion that global warming, which morphed from a science into a secular fundamentalist religion, may be on the point of changing once more into a fascist creed. This is not worthy of James and he should think again.


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