An election worth losing

Whoever wins this election, it looks increasingly like a poisoned chalice. The immediate problem is how to deal with the £178 billion deficit in government spending created by Gordon Brown. But another, equally serious, problem looming on the horizon is what to be do to avert the crisis in Britain’s electricity supplies. With many of our major nuclear and coal-fired power stations being forced to close, 40% of our generating capacity will disappear in the next few years. Among the more idiotic solutions is the Governments £4 billion green folly of pumping CO2 into underground aquifers from their proposed “carbon capture” coal-fired stations. This nonsense has been dismissed by every study, from MIT to Imperial, as a hugely expensive fantasy. This leaves an array of equally foolish schemes such as mini wind turbines on every roof and thousands of giant wind turbines ruining every beauty spot and every coastal view. In reality, the only way we could make up the shortfall in time is a crash programme to build new gas-fired power stations. This would make us up to 80% dependent on imported gas just when world gas prices are about to soar sucking well over half the nation into fuel poverty. Or else we just could join the Chinese and Indians, tell the EU and Prince Charles to bog off, and use our abundant coal supplies.


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