Institute of Physics and the CRU

The Institute of Physics, representing the UK’s 36,000 research physicists, sent a written submission to the Climategate enquiry. It called for a wider investigation into the whole affair since issues of scientific corruption had clearly been uncovered. There had been departures from objective scientific practice, for example, in the manipulation of the publication and peer review system and allowing pre-formed conclusions to override scientific objectivity. It deplored the climate scientists’ “intolerance to challenge” and the “suppression of proxy results for recent decades that do not agree with contemporary instrumental temperature measurements.” The Institute observed that “unless the emails outed by the whistle blower at the CRU are proved to be forgeries or adaptations, worrying implications arise for the integrity of scientific research in this field and for the credibility of the scientific method as practised in this context. These e-mails contain prima facie evidence of determined and coordinated refusals to comply with honourable scientific traditions and freedom of information law.” The Institute said that it was clear that Professor Jones and other scientists had worked together to prevent alternative views on global warming from being published: “The e-mails show networks of like-minded researchers effectively excluding newcomers.” It advised that doubts about the veracity of climate science could be overcome if scientists were required to make all their data “electronically accessible for all at the time of publication of their reports”.


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