The Worst Forces Minister since the Crimea

It is often said that Gordon Brown is the worst PM since Lord North (who lost us America). Now I read that Bob Jobsworth is thought to be the most useless Forces minister since the Crimea. This is rapidly becoming a government of historical incompetence. When he retires to the industrial graveyard of South Fife perhaps Brown can follow his book on the failed politician Maxton by one on the failed government of New Labour. Jobsworth’s initial response to the national outrage at his attempt to cut wounded soldiers’ compensation was to go off on holiday and hide until the fuss died down. Now presumably the man running this pantomime, my Lord Rumba of Rio, has insisted he return. The consequences of  Brown’s policy of spending ‘the minimum they can get away with’ (General Guthrie) are plain for all to see in the grim crowds lining the streets of Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire where thousands regularly turn out to honour the fallen of Afghanistan whose coffins pass by on their way home. Only Gordon Brown in his panic reshuffle could have thought this Marxist former shop steward and town councillor should be Secretary for Defence in the middle of a foreign war. Brown’s spinners put it about that he was the choice of the chiefs of staff in the Ministry of Defence – a claim so ludicrous that it stands out even amongst the usual garbage coming out of the Bunker.


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