Requirements for a lasting marriage?

If a couple are seeking a happy and long-lasting union the bride should be five years younger than her groom, from the same cultural background and be the more intelligent. Experts from the Geneva School of Business say sticking to this formula increased the chances of having a long and happy marriage by a fifth. Of the 1,100 couples looked at aged between 19 and 75, the report concluded that the wife should be 27% more intelligent than her husband, hold a degree while he should not. Unsurprisingly, the same study found that marrying a divorcee reduced the chance of wedded bliss. It comes as another study revealed yesterday that married couples are their happiest two years, 11 months and eight days after walking down the aisle. Researchers asked 4,000 spouses to pinpoint their happiness during married life and calculated the time period when wedded bliss began. So three years emerged as the point when couples feel completely comfortable with each other’s bad habits and have a clear plan for their future. Weekends away tend to drop away after three years and four months as couples swap the countryside for the sofa. Researchers also found couples who stay faithful spend 24 minutes a day having a heart-to-heart each evening and never go to bed after a falling out.


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