One term President?

Barack Obama convened his health-care summit with the express purpose of shaming the recalcitrant Republicans. He used the opportunity to pontificate for nearly six hours and to scold, patronise and peevishly disdain his opponents. His offensive performance reflected his years on liberal campus communities where he was insulated from the real world by comfortable consensus and shared assumptions. The event was a sham because it was not a genuine attempt to broker a compromise between Democrats and Republicans but simply an attempt to portray Republicans as the block to “progress”. It was also a failure because Republicans defied expectations by presenting measured philosophical objections to the bill and outlining sensible alternative approaches. He can only prevail on Congress to do his bidding, if he resorts to using a legislative loophole to force through something that most Americans oppose. This would surely be unacceptable from the man who vowed to banish cynicism from the conduct of politics. He simply cannot grasp that ordinary Americans do not want an expansion of government to cover health care.


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