The Vilest PM

The vile behaviour of Gordon Brown is part of his character. From his earliest days in Edinburgh University (and straight from the Manse of Kirkcaldy) his language was so foul that even a miner’s son in from the coalfields like me was taken aback. The problem of his insane rages is compounded by his paranoid distrust of everyone, a total aversion to having his views questioned, and ferocious long-term grudges. A cabal of slime merchants briefing the press has replaced the band of thugs he used to have in his pre-Westminster days in Scotland. I am in no doubt that the tension and fright he creates cascades down through Downing Street and the Labour administration. Whether they are drivers, secretaries or cabinet ministers, I am sure their chief concern is to avoid being the subject or instigator of this fury. Making good decisions or challenging stupid ones becomes far less important than keeping out of the prime minister’s range of fire. Added to a lack of vision so total as to be a thing of wonder, his behaviour has created far and away the worst government of my lifetime.


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