Security of Energy Supplioes

The hysteria with which the UN’s secretive scientific establishment has reacted to the arguments of its critics has proved counter-productive. It has simply induced within the general public a corrosive contempt for climate scientists and their government backers. This week, an Ipsos Mori poll found that just one in five believes the hypothesis of man made global warming is true. This wearisome dialogue of the deaf should be binned and we should turn to the far more pressing problem of our future energy supply. Five years ago, Britain became a net importer of fossil fuels and the depletion of North Sea oil and gas means that we will depend increasingly on foreign supplies. In 2000, we imported just one per cent of our natural gas supplies; now it’s nearly half, and the National Grid expects it will reach 75% within the next 20 years. At the same time, generating capacity is set to drop off sharply as our ageing nuclear power stations are taken out of service. Finally and predictably, lunatic diktats from Europe are making a bad situation desperate by insisting we close down our coal fired power stations. Even this irresponsible government has admitted that by the next decade demand will exceed supply at peak times and that we must expect rationing and power outages. Charts from Ed Miliband’s own department show that the situation will then get rapidly worse. Yet New Labour in England and the SNP in Scotland have dragged their feet on nuclear and has set targets for renewables that engineers know are pure fantasy. The incoming Tory administration should make security of energy supplies its supreme policy and that will mean boosting the coal fired stations till new nuclear stations come on stream. The right of our elderly not to die of hypothermia in our long northern winters must take precedence over this chattering class obsession with “global warming”.


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