Mais Lecture

The Mais Lecture is the most important set-piece speech in the Square Mile calendar. In 1995 it was given by Tony Blair who gave a hostage to fortune by deriding a government in crisis with its economic reputation in tatters. Last night, a disastrous 15 years later, it was given by George Osborne. The idiotic financial mismanagement of the Blair Brown government has wrecked the hopes of a generation and left future generations with toxic levels of debt. Under New Labour income disparities have climbed to the highest level since the 1920s. The gap narrowed as a consequence of the Great Depression when the wealthiest lost money and the poorest benefited from the newly created social safety nets. However this time the crisis has served to widen the chasm, not least because the plutocratic bankers were bailed out by Gordon Brown with taxpayers’ cash. Of course the poorest today are, in absolute terms, less destitute than before, able to afford food, shelter, even satellite TV. But the disparity between them and the richest has risen. This is the reason the vile Ed Balls wants a class war election. Such politics deserve the sort of oblivion which hopefully awaits this rats’ nest of a party.


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