Brown Cloud over Downing Street

The allegations about Brown’s temper tantrums matter because they reveal his character and suggest that the man with his finger on the nuclear button cannot keep control of his emotions. Not only has he been vile to junior civil servants and girl secretaries, he has set up a macho bullying culture around himself. Thugs such as Damian McBride and Charlie Whelan have been encouraged to smear not only his opponents but also his ministers. His tendency to go into an emotional frenzy clearly makes it harder for him to make decisions in a calm and cool manner. Of course his anger is a sign of weakness and insecurity but that matters because his weakness leads to his notorious indecision and dithering. All his life he has had to battle a paranoia that makes him suspect people are ganging up against him. Such crazy ideas dominate his whole view of the world and make him very difficult and untrusting. His meltdown moments create a sense of paralysis where people are frightened to tell him bad news. It inevitably affects the way he governs making him put short-term tactics before long-term strategy.


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