A Lost Art

The sad groups of late 30’s unmarried women are a clear indication that girls today need to rediscover the lost art of making men marry them. Some believe it is the fault of the Boomer mothers who did not wish to sound like their own mothers by offering “unwanted” advice. They let their lovely daughter waste her 20s with two young men. One long relationship until she is 26 and then another long relationship until she is 31 and then the boy moves on to someone younger. The procedure a girl should follow is that after a year, the she must find out whether he is serious. If not, she must leave him. If he is serious, and he still has not made a move after another six months, she must look at him with infinite regret and say, ‘I’m going to live in New York.’ He will follow. And if he does not: then she must leave him. A bit of Charlie Hustle in your early 20’s is better than a lot of desperate, heart breaking effort in your late 30’s.


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