All Labour goverments end this way

The economy is in a mess, government spending is out of control, and our currency is being devalued. We have been here before. All Labour governments end this way. In 1951 Churchill warned: “The production of new wealth must precede common wealth, otherwise there will only be common poverty. These simple truths have been denied and our people duped by idle hopes and false doctrine. Labour’s last throw to retain power is to foment class hatred.” A quarter of a century later, Margaret Thatcher said, “We are witnessing a deliberate attack on our values, a deliberate attack on those who wish to promote merit and excellence, a deliberate attack on our heritage.” Then, as now, some of the country’s most talented people were being driven to emigrate by a government of the Left that has taxed, and spent, and failed.” David Cameron should state unambiguous policies such removing the state jobsworths, binning the counter-productive 50% tax rate, and capping immigration at 50,000. He should keep the EU at arms length, use the Scandinavian model for our state schools, and set the elite universities free.


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