Reverse Islamophobia

If the various universities in London allowed their right-wing student societies to invite neo-Nazi speakers to address white teenagers all hell would break loose. If Christian churches allowed disciples of Adolf Hitler to preach the inferiority of women and to sanctify the murder of Jews and homosexuals, the British public would go ape. Yet when Islamic extremists do exactly the same our government and public servants go weak at the knees. According to police sources, 25 British-born Muslims are currently in Yemen being trained in the art of bombing planes. Yet most of these terrorists did not acquire their crazed beliefs out in the badlands of the Islamic world. They were indoctrinated here in the UK. Jihadist Islamism is a murderous ideology, comparable in many respects to Nazism. Our intelligence services realise this and deep down, I think the British public does as well. It is time our government ceased to be so terrified of being labelled Islamophobic that they fail to protect Muslims and non-Muslims alike from this terrorist ideology. If providing that protection requires fewer “consultations” with “community leaders” and more arrests, then so be it.


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