Not another show trial!

All “shows trials” degenerate into a farce – even in the “non-paranoid”(?) West. The kangaroo court at Nuremberg in 1946-47 simply provided Goering with an opportunity to display himself one last time and the photogenic Albert Speer to perform a cynical media mea culpa worthy of an Oscar. The show trial in Scotland and The Hague of Abdul Baset Al-Megrahi permanently damaged the reputation of the Scottish legal system and was rightly dismissed out of hand by the UN observer. Even the prosecutors have since admitted that the main witness “was not the full shilling” – an understatement of truly sublime dimensions. The show trial in Germany of John Demjanjuk, now that the Germans have passed a law setting a time limitation on the prosecution of their own war criminals (who were responsible for setting up and running the death camps in the first place), is so outrageous you could not make it up!!.


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