The UK’s IT Disasters

Back in the 1960’s Harold Wilson warbled on about the white heat of technology in an effort to make Labour the party of scientific advance. It was to be a toxic legacy. Led the notoriously unscientific duo of Blair-Brown, New Labour embraced IT projects with insane abandon. The result is that we have been landed with a £26bn bill for botched computer systems. Pride of place must be given to the £13bn IT disaster which was meant to revolutionise the NHS. Then there was the £7bn poured into a daft project to replace all the different military systems by a single system. Since this was to be run by the reliably useless MoD it was a no-hoper from the start. Finally there was New Labour love affair with identity cards which was finally binned by Alan Johnson but not before it had swallowed £5bn. These historic cock-ups have been followed by endless, expensive, misguided, hopelessly mis-managed, pretendy IT projects that could only have been dreamed up by people who had never held down a proper job.


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