The Pope and ZANU’s Chief Hypocrite

Pope Benedict framed his denunciation of the Equality Bill in terms of religious freedom, which nowadays seems to take second place to most other sorts of freedom. He rightly says the bill would “impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs”. The legislation is championed by the usual suspect Harriet Harperson, New Labour’s Chief Hypocrite. In the dog days of his doomed administration, Gordon Brown has clearly given Dear Harriet free rein to indulge in her favourite occupation of social engineering. It is deeply ideological legislation with the fascist sounding goal of establishing “a new social order”. A legal duty is to be imposed upon all public bodies to address the gap between social classes when implementing policies and allocating resources. This obviously involves discrimination against the middle classes but it also poses a threat to the freedom of religious expression and faith by controlling how the churches run their affairs. It is, perhaps, time for Gordon to put the lead back on the St Paul’s Girls School Rottweiler.


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