Labour needs to go back to the future

If the traditional Left is to return it needs to sweep away much of the trendy Champaign socialism of recent years. The Labour Party used to represent the aspirations of working people for a better life for their children so “whatever it takes” rather than “must be politically correct” should drive the solutions to improve our state schools. Working people are deeply conservative and hate “means testing” which, as Frank Field never fails to point out, increases dishonesty. Shysters seem to be the main beneficiary of state support. And why does the modern Left always have to buy into the latest lunacy? Windmills and green gimmickry are going to leave the geriatric poor (not the bien pensant) freezing in their homes within a decade. The only thing that matters is security of energy supply and this will not be attained by means of airy-fairy Ally-Gorey eco-nonsense. It would be such a relief to see once again some canny working class men and women in key positions in the party replacing the petit bourgeois “professional” politicians like Gordon Brown who have never had a real job in their lives.


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