Our toxic leaders

Never in my lifetime have I known such widespread cynicism in the UK about the whole range of our public institutions. It is not simply an understandable and cumulative disgust with New Labour and such totally loathsome figures as Blair, Brown, Balls, Harman, and Gorbals Mick. It goes beyond that to a weary, endemic, corroding mistrust of the whole political class. Every day there is yet another exposure of simply outrageous behaviour but it is met with a resigned, “Well, what can one expect from such people?” Yet this moronic bunch is still in charge and is tasked to produce one of the most critical budgets since WWII. The income and expenditure of the Treasury is shooting off the map in opposite directions. One would hope that a start might be made in cutting Government waste by, for example, freezing public-sector pay, radically pruning of “incapacity” benefits, scrapping Trident and the aircraft carriers, and demolishing of most our totally useless quangos. At the very least it would be great to hear a clear and understandable budget that does no harm. What are we likely to get? I fear the usual gimmicks such as mindless social engineering projects, a host of new public service non-jobs, and another raid on private sector pensions.


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