Obama chooses odd-bod for V-P

Joe Biden is probably the most unlikely Vice President since the dreadful Dan Quail. He has a life-long reputation for dodgy behaviour. In the ’60’s at Syracuse University, he was almost kicked off his course for plagiarizing a law review article. His early political career was damaged by his Vietnam War ‘record’. He managed to wangle FIVE deferments – which remains the Delaware state record. When he finally arrived in the Senate he proved to be a tedious wind bag and still has a penchant for saying silly, offensive, and off-putting things to the media. When he ran as a most unlikely candidate in the 1988 Presidential elections, he made headline news by plagiarizing one of Neil Kinnock’s ghastly speeches. He had to withdraw in disgrace. To universal amazement Obama chose him as running mate. However this potentially damaging mistake was masked by the even more incomprehensible Republican choice: the Alaskan loony Sarah Palin.


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