General Dannatt deserves our support

To many families with sons fighting in Blair’s Wars, General Mike Jackson was a bitter disappointment. We had expected the tough marine and Para to speak out about the Government’s starvation of resources for the Iraq and Afghan campaigns. In contrast General Dannatt has shown himself to be a soldier’s soldier and has the absolute trust of forces families such as my own. He has had immense problems. Our European NATO allies have shown scant enthusiasm for real fighting. American policy has wavered and faltered. Above all, the British government has grown increasingly cynical about its own war, and has proved bitterly reluctant to commit the resources Dannatt needs. This year, for example, he campaigned fiercely for all infantrymen to be able to train with the fighting equipment they use in Afghanistan rather than just be handed it before going into combat. This would have cost £1,500 a man – but the Treasury vetoed it. This government fulfils its minimal duty to our armed forces only when publicly shamed into doing so. Dannatt has waged his campaign for the Army by simply telling the truth and to New Labour that is an unforgivable crime. Brown and his worthless ministers regard themselves as possessing sole licence to explain to the British people about our armed forces, peddling deceits as necessary. The courage shown by Richard Dannatt has made him a hero within the British Army as he deserves to be with the British people.


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