Rise of the BNP

Question Time showed modern Britain at its worst. Our commitment to freedom of speech scarcely exists and the bullies both on the platform and in the audience were as repulsive as Griffin himself. Jack Straw managed to make himself look even more slippery then usual when he was asked the key question: ‘Can the recent successes of the BNP be explained by the misguided immigration policies of the Government?’ This was so obviously true that our Justice Minister had to deny it. The Tory Baroness Warsi – the only really impressive member of the panel – dismissed Straw’s fatuous denial. She rightly said there were real issues to be faced and mainline politicians must to listen to those who voted for the BNP. I think many people such as myself, with much valued Asian members already in our extended families, are still appalled by the recklessness of Labour’s immigration policies and the shocking damage they have done to the social fabric of Britain.


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