Call in the Serious Fraud Office

Whenever a field of research becomes so politicised that those with differing views are referred to in religious terms as believers and non-believers, the scene is set for a scientific disaster. This is what lies behind the events at the Climate Research Unit and the Met Office’s Hadley Centre. We now find that much of what has been presented by the UN as accepted truth relies on “facts” which have been relentlessly twisted, suppressed or invented. Huge public subsidies, including the notorious carbon-trading racket and the disastrous programme blighting the beautiful Scottish countryside with hideous, undependable, wind farms, depend upon this pseudo-science. It is the greatest British scientific scandal I can recall in my career as a professional Physicist. As these are publicly funded bodies, I believe the Serious Fraud Office should be asked to investigate activities in the Hadley Centre and the CRU. Since the Royal Society is itself deeply compromised, a full data audit should be carried out by the National Audit Office. All the costly anti-CO2 measures which will be mooted at Copenhagen should be put on hold until these serious data and modelling issues are satisfactorily resolved.


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