The Emperor of Rome

Within months of his winning the 1997 General Election it was common knowledge that the long-term aim of Tony Blair was the then non-existent post of European President. Thus during his years in 10 Downing Street whenever he was faced with the choice of either doing his best for Britain or of creating a good impression with the EU he chose the latter. A classic example was the Thatcher Rebate which saved tens of billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money. He tamely gave it back in 2005 sending a clear signal to Europe that he was ready to put British interests second. Even by the standards of corruption we have come to expect from the EU, the Common Agricultural Policy is remarkable. The only purpose of the CAP is to protect French and German farmers. It is utterly indefensible, yet Blair repeatedly shrank from antagonising the French and German leaders whose future support he needed. His execrable relationship with the notoriously corrupt Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi comes under the same heading. His presidential campaign has characteristically been one of nudges and winks, unsavory backstairs deals, and the calling in of ancient favours. If this loathsome politico’s chances are really fading it is surely a welcome development. A victory for Blair in this squalid presidential contest would be an insult to democracy.


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