Free at last – Megrahi

As a parish minister in Broughty Ferry for 35 years, I remember how often parishioners, desperately ill with cancer, would confound the medical profession by exceeding the boundaries of any sensible prognosis. I find the media and political debate on the life expectancy of Megrahi totally degrading. Scottish ministers have the power to release on compassionate grounds ‘those suffering from a terminal illness whose death is likely to occur soon’. The legislation is careful to avoid prescribing any fixed time limit. Dr Richard Simpson, formerly GP and now an MSP, felt called upon to say ‘If he lives for much longer than three months, it will add to the insult to American families.” To be quite frank, I think we have heard just about enough from the vengeful American families. Let us remember that the US officer in charge of the Mei Lei massacres in Vietnam was pardoned (not just released) after serving 3 years of a life sentence. Perhaps a statistician could construct an equation to represent the American perception of how many of each nationality is equal to one American!


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