Lisbon Treaty

The refusal of the Labour Government to allow the electorate a say on the Lisbon treaty was a democratic outrage. To have suggested, as did Gordon Brown, that the Lisbon treaty differed substantively from the original constitutional document was an insult to our intelligence. On every occasion when the treaty was put to the people anywhere in Europe it was rejected. No matter, the arrogant political class simply blasted it past the opposition of the people. However, we need to accept that this victory for the European elite is complete. David Cameron is simply acknowledging that when the facts change you have to change your strategy. The truth is that there is no great benefit, and plenty of cost, in trying to revoke ratification. The passage of the Lisbon treaty has clearly widened the democratic deficit of the European Union. It will also remain as a permanent reminder in this country of the truly awful era of New Labour.


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