Another Toxic EU Regulation

 The endemically corrupt EU has decided to “harmonize” consumer law. This can only be bas news for British consumers. As a result of Tony Blair’s cow-towing to Europe in the hopes of becoming President, the UK Government has no power to stop the change if it is backed by the majority of the states. Retailers are to be banned from offering money- back guarantees and will only be allowed to offer to repair or replace of faulty goods. Even this liability will be cut from 6 to 2 years and include such products as cars, boilers and double glazing which should reasonably be expected to last longer. British shoppers will thus be at a huge disadvantage if they are buying goods elsewhere in Europe because it is completely impractical for us to pursue a legal action against a foreign trader. In the years ahead, we will continue to pay dearly for Blair’s bid for the EU Presidency.


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