Security of Energy Supplies Trumps All

Security of energy supply requires generating capacity to be available all of the time, not just when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. A further major problem is the incoherence of the Crazy Greens who want wind power, but not in their back yard or anywhere they might choose to visit. They also want carbon-free generating stations, but not the only ones that make sense: nuclear plants. Elderly British citizens will have to freeze to death to prevent Global Warming. Well, that sounds like a sensible idea!

Gordon Brown’s target of generating 35 per cent of Britain’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020 is simply deranged. Ed Edmiliband, the Climate Change Minister, has said that it is as socially unacceptable to be against wind turbines in your area as not wearing your seat belt or driving past a zebra crossing. But, virtually all the energy contribution from onshore wind turbines will have to be backed-up. Brown’s claim that 30-60 per cent of assumed output can be relied upon is also nonsensical. Eon’s evidence to the Parliamentary Committee based on their practical experience was that only 8 per cent of capacity can be relied upon in winter months. Winter anti-cyclones can cover the whole UK for a period of time and result in extremely low output from turbines, however widely dispersed. This evidence is fully backed up by the German and Danish experience. While the UK government issues yet more consultative papers, the French are simply building up their nuclear capacity.


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