Arctic Ice Folly

Pen Hadow’s Catlin expedition in the spring to measure the thickness of Arctic ice with an old tape measure has proved to be the usual disaster. Sponsored by a City firm with a commercial interest in promoting “insurance against climate change”, Hadow’s forlorn bid to walk across the ice to the North Pole had to be abandoned because it was so cold and yet again he had to be rescued by air at extreme risk to the pilots. Ludicrously Hadow claimed that the ice was “thinner than expected”, however a team of Canadian and German scientists flying across the ice at the same time, measuring its thickness with the latest electromagnetic equipment, found exactly the opposite, that the ice was “thicker than expected”, as was confirmed when the summer melt stopped 970,000 sq km short of its 2007 low. But this didn’t deter the Today programme and much of the press from accepting Haddow’s deranged prediction that Arctic ice will soon disappear.


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