Initial reactions to the Stern Report

My Lord Stern of Brentford may be many things but he is most certainly not an expert on the science of climate change. Originally his main claim to fame was as the nephew of the Swan part of Flanders and Swan, but he now better known as Gordon Brown’s pet economist. Alongside a number of academic posts he was second permanent secretary at the Treasury in charge of public finances where he helped El Gordo create the biggest British public spending shambles of all time. Later he produced the Stern Report which was based on scientific ‘facts’ which he clearly did not understand and is a political rather than an analytical document. Whatever his present hyper-ventilating, the scientific situation remains the same:

1. Is there an established Theory of Climate? No.
2. Do we understand fully how climate works? No.
3. Is carbon dioxide demonstrated to be a dangerous atmospheric pollutant? No.
4. Can deterministic computer models predict future climate? No.
5. Is there a consensus amongst qualified scientists that dangerous, human-caused climate change is upon us? No.
6. Did late 20th century temperature rise at a dangerous rate, or to a dangerous level? No.
7. Is global temperature currently rising? No.


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