The AGW Doomsters recruit Malthus

When Paul Ehrlich produced his book The Population Bomb in the 1960’s there was an outcry at the echoes it contained of eugenics and race management. He predicted that within ten years millions of people would starve to death as our food ran out. He was supported in this pseudoscientific drivel by all the usual suspects among the bien pensant including our national green treasure Dr James Lovelock. There was the same split we see again today in the Global Warming Hysteria between the politico-scientists and the scientific experts in the field. The latter group produced the Green Revolution and yet another apocalyptic prediction was consigned the dustbin of doom. It was no surprise to see the old Malthusian prophecy dredged up again by the Doomsters of AGW. That such nonsense is supported by David Attenborough is also to be expected. Perhaps Al Gore can be encouraged to produce a Malthusian disaster movie called: “An Inconvenient Night with the Wife”.


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