Envangelicals deride Global Warming Hysteria

Dr James Dobson and other Evangelical Christian leaders in the US have published a letter urging Christians not to commit themselves to a single interpretation of climate change, the term commonly used now in place of global warming during the cold, snowy winter. The letter states: Global warming is not a consensus issue and our religious beliefs do not require us to take a position. It is, in fact, but the latest issue from the environmental movement which is strongly supported by some of the world’s leading population control activists. Environmentalist doctrine presupposes that climate change is driven by human beings and that the elimination of huge portions of the human population through mass abortion, sterilization programs and numerous other means would be helpful. While many scientists have denounced much of the global warming doctrine as junk science, environmentalist rhetoric has reached a nearly hysterical pitch in the media. Meanwhile, stewardship-minded Christians are more and more asking how to separate legitimate concern for the environment from the environmentalist movement’s anti-human direction. The ISA letter’s signatories urge the NAE not to adopt a policy on climate change saying, “The existence of global warming and its implications for mankind is a subject of heated controversy throughout the world. It does appear that the earth was warming for a time, but this has been halted for the last dozen years and there is huge disagreement on why it might be happening and what should be done about it


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