Time to start again

The reason so little was heard from the scientific community when Gore came on the scene and the Global Warming brigades started emoting was that all scientists are fundamentally environmentalists. They may have been doubtful about the wilder claims of the Greens but many of them felt the end justified the means. What finally provoked them were foolish statements such as “The debate is over” and “ALL scientists in the world support the theory of Global Warming.” Science does not work that way. It is inherently sceptical. The motto of the Royal Society is “No man’s word is final.” The problem was that so many of the spokespersons for Global Warming were not actually professional scientists but religious or environmental lobbyists, pop singers and politicians. The theories of Global Warming were spiritualized in the form of a secular fundamentalist religion and lifted clear of the realm of rational debate. If GW is to return to its roots as a science, it should clearly state what would constitute contrary evidence. Its advocates should select which of its many fantastic prophesies should be taken seriously. Simply to rubbish anyone who disagrees with them as some form of holocaust denier and dismiss any contrary evidence as “not relevant” debases serious scientific debate. Freedman Dyson considers AGW to be a classic example of Cargo Cult Science. It certainly has all the hallmarks of a fundamentalist religion.


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